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Some might see it at being complacent or whatever. But they don't see me working it out all times of day and night. Some think all I do is play on FB or the internet all day :) Far From it. When you think I am playing I am working.

I see and have seen so many Give Up on their ideas, visions, dreams, goals etc. They hit a few roadblocks and quit. I see some get off the ground and hot roadblocks and quit.

Some people's great ideas never leave their head. Most people's great ideas end up in the grave.

This is not my first rodeo. My last success I encountered the same experiences and Road Blocks but I knew to keep pushing. At that time NO ONE BELIEVED IN WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO....NO ONE! But I believed in me enough to make it happen.

With what I do technology changes so fast it is hard to keep up. Once I work one kink out new changes, rules etc throw another road block in front of me. Sometimes by the time I finish a project it is outdated because technology moves so fast.. But I have learned how to get out in front of it now.